A Brief Introduction to Econia


14 Apr

Long ago we wasted days and weeks in games like Civilization, Tropico, and Theme Park. On PC, there are still pretty solid strategies and city builders, but the situation is not so bright for mobile games. We hope you agree it’s pretty difficult to find an elaborate mobile game these days—that’s why we’ve decided to create one. 

Meet Econia

Combining Tycoon, Strategy and City Builder genres into something new, we are aiming to introduce the most complex mobile game ever made. That’s gonna be a game world where you build and invest, buy and sell, manage employees, customers and dwellers, analyze reports and make decisions. The sweetest part is you can actually lose if do it all wrong.

Econia economy represents the real-world economy with all that it implies. What other players do, effectively changes the market and forces you to adjust your strategy. The main idea is to keep the game world non-linear and totally unpredictable. We say no to pre-made scenarios.

In Econia, you choose your very own playstyle and create your empire the way you see it. Whether you tag along and support healthy competition or expand aggressively and gorge your enemies, everything — from terrain to macroeconomy — is always in your hands. You choose what your gaming experience is going to be.

In Q4, 2020 Econia will see the light of the day—we will release it for both iOS and Android. Steam version is coming shortly after. Stay tuned!