A business simulator you’ve always wanted.
Build, invest, expand, hire, trade, compete

Decisions do matter


The game simulates the real world’s economy and it’s a must to think twice before every single decision


Invite dwellers to rent or work for you. Comply with their needs so that they 
make you filthy rich


Play with real people, create alliances, and trade, or invade and take over. Do what it takes to survive

A bussiness simulator
the way it should be done

Econia is arguably the first MMO business simulator, where you don't go through a pre-made scenario, but instead play with other people in an unpredictable world. It is an elaborate mix of MMO, city builder, strategy and tycoon genres that you've never seen before; a non-linear game where your actions have impact on the whole gameworld. Build and invest to generate profits. Attend to your dwellers or face a shortage. Outsmart competitors or lose everything and start over.
Tycoon | MMO | Simulator | Strategy | Idle | Mobile | PC

Release roadmap

mobile beta test
May 2020
Mobile Main Release
November 2020
PC Beta test
March 2021
PC Main Release
July 2021
Steam Release
August 2021