The Roadmap


14 Apr

We’re really excited to announce that Econia is out in less than one months. Check our quick roadmap to see what to expect, and when.

May, 2020

Game logic is done and the visuals are being polished—this is the perfect time to run a beta-test. We’ll invite probably 1000—2000 players to launch the game for the very first time and share opinions.

November, 2020 We are to bring the game to perfection by March and publish it in the App Store and Play Market. Everyone will be able to download Econia for free and dive into a rather complicated business world. At first, the game will be in English only, but we will be adding more languages in the future. Also, November is when we start beta-testing of PC version.

April, 2021 After PC beta-tests (and some feedback from our mobile users), we’re releasing Econia on Steam. By then, we expect a constant online of several thousand players on each platform. We will continue the development of the game to bring you the best experience possible. Follow us on social media to see our future plans.